Lean Distribution for Electrical Wire and Cable

“The unique aspects of copper wire and cable call for a unique approach to how it’s procured.”

It is almost impossible for one distributor to carry every type, configuration or brand of electrical wire and cable. The physical size of certain cables alone make this difficult while the various materials, approval and construction combinations used by manufactures today make the inventory selection process overwhelming. Freight and warehousing overhead combined with multiple layers of distribution in the supply chain cause pricing to become unnecessarily inflated. Whether you’re a full-line distributor needing to fill a void or an end user, Right Hand Industrial is positioned to help deliver these products in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Right Hand Industrial is a lean distributor-broker of industrial electrical wire and cable products with a focus on customer service, the on-line experience and a buying process that lacks non-value-add activity in the supply chain. Alliances with both US and European manufacturers and master distributors gives your company access to a wide range of products, brands, inventory and custom manufacturing capabilities nation-wide in the most direct manner possible. Our carefully selected partners demonstrate strong operational and inventory management, allowing us to exclusively deliver by drop shipment, reducing lead-times and eliminating the overhead mark-ups typically seen at the next level of distribution.

Let Right Hand Industrial help bring more value into your company’s bulk wire and cable purchases.

We focus on helping our clients select the right product for the application, source and deliver it in the most cost-effective manner. Whether it’s a bulk purchase or MRO, contractors, system integrators, OEM’s and End Users are teaming up with Right Hand Industrial to bring more value to the buying process and cut costs. 

Customer Service

In a lean distribution model, everything is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing lean about our customer service, paramount here at Right Hand Industrial. From general questions and quotations through delivery, we are your trusted "right hand" for quality electrical wire and cable, connectors, automation components and cable management solutions for industrial applications.