Flexible Single Conductor Wires

with UL, CE and HAR approvals

300/500V H05V2-K,  450/750V H07V2-K,  600V UL AWM

Flexible Single Conductor hook-up wire is multi-rated for installations in the US or Europe and used for the wiring of electrical cabinets and electronic equipment. Offered with rubber and plastic insulation and in a variety of sizes and colors. These wires carry the MTW rating compliant with NFPA 79 for machine tool wiring. 

UL, MTW, CE, HAR, Single conductor hook-up wire, 105°C, PVC, various colors

  • Jacket: PVC, various colors

  • Voltage: 600V UL AWM 1015 105°C, MTW, H05V2-K 300/500V,  H07V2-K 450/750V

  • Range: AWG 19 – 3/0

MTW / TEW, Single Conductor Ground Wire, 105°C, PVC, green/yellow

  • Jacket: PVC, green with yellow stripe

  • Voltage: 600V UL MTW, TEW

  • Range: AWG 10 -4/0

THHN / THWN, Single Conductor Ground Wire, 90°C, PVC/Nylon, green

  • Jacket: PVC/Nylon, green

  • Voltage: 600V UL THHN / THWN, for Cable Tray Use

  • Range: AWG 10 -4/0

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