Industrial Panel Connectors, Panel Pass Through 

Network Connectivity for electrical cabinets

RJ45 and USB sockets, standard 22.5mm cut out installation

Interface panel sockets for electrical cabinets allow for safe networking connections to devices inside without needing to open the cabinet. Requiring a standard 22.5mm cut out, these devices are easy to install and increase safety during cabinet maintenance.

RJ45 Panel Pass Through Connector

Interface Panel Socket, RJ45

USB 3.0 Panel Pass Through Connector

“Super Speed” USB 3.0 Interface Panel Socket

LUTZE 490112

USB 3.0, Female to Female, A/A, 5 Gigabit/sec

USB 3.0 Interface Panel Connector + Cord


  • Female to Male + 0.3m cord


  • Female to Male + 0.6m cord


  • Female to Male + 0.8m cord


  • Female to Male + 1.5m cord


  • Female to Male + 2.0m cord


  • Female to Male + 3.0m cord


  • Female to Male + 5.0m cord

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