High Flex Unshielded Control Cable for cable carrier

600V UL AWM 105°C

Unshielded construction:

Configuration: multi-conductor cable with one ground

Conductor: class 6 super finely stranded bare copper

Insulation: special TPE

Color code: black w/ white #s, green/yellow ground

Jacket: special PVC, gray


See shielded construction

LUTZE’s new A148 series from the SUPERFLEX ® family upgrades and replaces the old legacy A138 that was widely popular in both the US and Europe. This unshielded series is suitable for continuous linear flexing ideally in drag chains and is rated UL AWM at 105 C opening it up to many other applications compared to the 80°C rated A138. NFPA 79 compliant.

Rated voltage UN

600 V UL AWM 105 °C

Test Voltage Type


Temperature Range Moving

-15 °C … +90 °C

Temperature range fixed

-40 °C … +105 °C

Minimum bending radius moving


Minimum bending radius fixed


  • UL AWM 2586 105°C 600V

  • RoHS


  • Very small cable diameters due to special TPE conductor insulation (HGI) according to UL standard

  • Reduced friction due to high glide conductor insulation (HGI) for high mechanical loads

  • Flexibility due to super finely stranded wire construction

  • Low capacitance, very good electrical properties

  • Especially developed PVC jacket according to UL class 43

  • Filler without wicking

  • Low adhesion, abrasion-resistant, nick-resistant, tear resistant

  • Hydrolysis-resistant, microbe-resistant, and rot-resistant

  • Use in dry or damp environment

  • Silicone free

  • Machine and device construction, transport and conveyor technology, HVAC technology

  • In dry and damp rooms

  • As a monitoring, measurement and control cable for industrial applications

  • For installation in energy chains with constant linear movement

  • RoHS-compliant

Factory Data Sheet

Part Number Description AWG # of Conductors Nom OD (in)


A1482003 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/3C cULus/CE 600V, 3x0.5mm2 20 3 0.205
A1482004 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/4C cULus/CE 600V, 4x0.5mm2 20 4 0.220
A1482005 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/5C cULus/CE 600V, 5x0.5mm2 20 5 0.240
A1482007 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/7C cULus/CE 600V, 7x0.5mm2 20 7 0.283
A1482012 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/12C cULus/CE 600V, 12x0.5mm2 20 12 0.339
A1482018 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/18C cULus/CE 600V, 18x0.5mm2 20 18 0.406
A1482025 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG21/25C cULus/CE 600V, 25x0.5mm2 20 25 0.496


A1481803 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/3C cULus/CE 600V, 3x1.0mm2 18 3 0.240
A1481804 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/4C cULus/CE 600V, 4x1.0mm2 18 4 0.264
A1481805 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/5C cULus/CE 600V, 5x1.0mm2 18 5 0.283
A1481807 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/7C cULus/CE 600V, 7x1.0mm2 18 7 0.335
A1481812 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/12C cULus/CE 600V, 12x1.0mm2 18 12 0.417
A1481818 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/18C cULus/CE 600V, 18x1.0mm2 18 18 0.500
A1481825 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/25C cULus/CE 600V, 25x1.0mm2 18 25 0.606
A1481834 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG18/34C cULus/CE 600V, 34x1.0mm2 18 34 0.685


A1481603 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/3C cULus/CE 600V, 3x1.5mm2 16 3 0.276
A1481604 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/4C cULus/CE 600V, 4x1.5mm2 16 4 0.303
A1481605 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/5C cULus/CE 600V, 5x1.5mm2 16 5 0.331
A1481607 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/7C cULus/CE 600V, 7x1.5mm2 16 7 0.402
A1481612 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/12C cULus/CE 600V, 12x1.5mm2 16 12 0.500
A1481618 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/18C cULus/CE 600V, 18x1.5mm2 16 18 0.583
A1481625 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG16/25C cULus/CE 600V, 25x1.5mm2 16 25 0.717


A1481404 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG14/4C cULus/CE 600V, 4x2.5mm2 14 4 0.339
A1481405 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG14/5C cULus/CE 600V, 5x2.5mm2 14 5 0.382
A1481407 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG14/7C cULus/CE 600V, 7x2.5mm2 14 7 0.469


A1481204 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG12/4C cULus/CE 600V, 4x4.0mm2 12 4 0.433
A1481207 SUPERFLEX N PVC AWG12/7C cULus/CE 600V, 7x4.0mm2 12 7 0.591

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