LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus Single Conductor Motor PUR

Shielded High Flex Single Conductor Motor Cable for drag chain

1000V UL AWM

Shielded construction:

Configuration: single conductor

Conductor: class 6 super finely stranded bare copper

Insulation: special TPE

Color code: black

Jacket: oil resistant PUR, black

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus Motor Cable is intended to provide power in drag chain / c-track. This series is rated 1000V UL AWM with super finely stranded class 6 conductors and a black PUR jacket. This is an unshielded motor cable.


U0/U 0.6/1kV

Test Voltage


Temperature Moving

-25°C – +80°C
Fixed -40°C – +80°C

Minimum bending radius

Moving 7.5 x cable OD
Fixed 4 x cable OD

Insulation resistance

Min. 200MΩ x km

Burning behavior

Flame retardant per
DIN EN 60332-1-2
IEC 60332-1
UL 1581 section VW-1
FT 1

Halogen free

According to

Oil resistance

Oil Res II

  • UL AWM Style 10587

  • RoHS


  • Performance flexing cable, specifically suitable for machine and device construction for transport and conveyor technology

  • As motor supply or ground conductor

  • Optimally suited for C-tracks in extremely harsh operating conditions

  • Compatible with all major brand C-tracks

  • Very good alternating bending strength

  • Good pressure and roll-over resistance

  • Super finely stranded per class 6 for continuous moving applications

  • TPE insulation with very high break through resistance

  • PUR jacket for highest level of resistance against cooling fluids, greases and oils

  • Abrasion, high wear and tear resistance

  • Hydrolysis, microbe, and decompose resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Talc and Silicone free

Black jacket

Part Number Manufacturer Description AWG # of Conductor Nom. OD (in)


111288 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x6, 6mm2, AWG10/1C, Black 10 1 0.303


111289 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x10, 10mm2, AWG8/1C, Black 8 1 0.354


111290 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x16, 16mm2, AWG6/1C, Black 6 1 0.409


111291 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x25, 25mm2, AWG4/1C 4 1 0.472


111292 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x35, 35mm2, AWG2/1C 2 1 0.551


111293 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x50, 50mm2, AWG1/1C, Black 1 1 0.622


111294 LUTZE LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS (C) PUR UL 0,6/1 kV 1x70, 70mm2, AWG2/0/1C, Black 2/0 1 0.685

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