Pendant & Reeling Cable

for remote controls and high flex cable reeling systems

600V UL, CSA, CE

Reeling applications put a tremendous amount of stress on a cable. From tension to abrasion with remote controls to cranes, these heavy duty cables are made of special PVC, PUR or rubber jackets in flat or round form. Let Right Hand Industrial find the proper cable for your application and budget. 

Pendant Cable

Yellow PVC, flat pendant cable

  • yellow PVC jacket

  • special PVC/Nylon insulation, color code ICEA Method 1-E2 (K-2)

  • two galvanized steel core + black nylon covering

  • 600V UL, 2562 for pendant cables, CSA

  • AWG 16; up to 24 conductors

Yellow PVC, round cable

  • yellow PVC jacket

  • special PVC/Nylon insulation, ICEA Method 1-E2 (K-2)

  • 600V UL, CSA AWM

  • AWG 16; up to 36 conductors


Reeling Cable

Black PUR, unshielded

  • PUR jacket, black

  • GAALTHERM® 585 insulation, black w/ white #’s, GN/YE grounds

  • 1000V UL AWM, CE

  • AWG 16 – 2/0; up to 36 conductors, 3 ground designs

Customer Service

In a lean distribution model, everything is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing lean about our customer service, paramount here at Right Hand Industrial. From general questions and quotations through delivery, we are your trusted "right hand" for quality electrical wire and cable, connectors, automation components and cable management solutions for industrial applications.