Industrial Wire and Cable

flexible cables for easy handling and routing but for stationary or fixed installations, portable cord and cable for conduit, raceways or cable tray systems. Common ratings and approvals in this group are 300V and 600V UL PLTC-ER, TC-ER, MTW and AWM.

continuous flexing cables for linear movements in cable track or energy chains and highly resistant to mechanical abuse found in pendant, reeling and festoon applications. Constructed with fine high strand counts and abrasion resistant PVC and PUR jackets to withstand high flexing cycles

cable designed for continuous moving and twisting applications, used to transmit signals and power in automated and robotic applications. This cable is offered in black PVC and PUR jackets with torsion ratings of 270°, 360° and 450°.

Customer Service

In a lean distribution model, everything is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing lean about our customer service, paramount here at Right Hand Industrial. From general questions and quotations through delivery, we are your trusted "right hand" for quality electrical wire and cable, connectors, automation components and cable management solutions for industrial applications.