Cat 6 Industrial Ethernet Cable

Industrial Ethernet cable is the preferred way today for the transport of data and signals with automated control systems and machines. These cables need to be robust to withstand industrial environments as well as offer superior electrical performance and reliability. Right Hand Industrial offers a comprehensive line of flexible Ethernet cables in light and heavy duty for stationary applications, including versions with 600V PLTC ratings.

Unshielded Cat 6 Industrial Ethernet Cables

LUTZE ETHERNET Light Duty PVC, Unshielded, Cat 6

  • Jacket: PVC, teal

  • Insulation: special PE polyolefin

  • Shielding: U/UTP (unshielded overall)

  • Voltage: 600V

  • Certifications: UL AWM 2165 600V

  • Speed: Cat 6 350 MHz

Shielded Cat 6 Industrial Ethernet Cables

SUPERFLEX® ETHERNET BUS PUR, Cat 6, 4 pair, teal

  • Jacket: PUR, green

  • Insulation: special PE polyolefin

  • Shielding: SF/UTP (overall foil and braid, unshielded pairs)

  • Voltage: 300V

  • Certifications: UL CMX, AWM

  • Speed: Cat 6 350 MHz

Customer Service

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