Flexible Motor Cable

motor power without VFD for stationary applications

Flexible Motor Cable are 600V and 1000V rated cables designed to carry power to electric motors where VFDs are not involved. Configurations typically include 4 and 5 conductors, shielded and unshielded, flexible and continuous flexing constructions in various jacket and insulation materials. For stationary applications. Available in Unshielded and Shielded constructions with UL AWM, MTW, TC-ER, Flexible Motor Supply Cable and UL 509 Bus Drop approvals.

Unshielded Motor Cable Series

SILFLEX® Tray-ER, Unshielded, TPE, black

  • Jacket: TPE, black

  • Insulation: PVC/Nylon, black

  • Voltage: 600V / 1000V

  • Certifications: TC-ER, MTW, AWM, WTTC, UL509 BUS Drop

  • Range: AWG 14 – 4/0;  4 conductors

LUTZE SILFLEX® Tray-ER PVC, Unshielded

  • Jacket: PVC, black

  • Insulation: PVC/Nylon, black w/ white #’s, GN/YL ground

  • Voltage: 600V

  • Certifications: UL TC-ER-JP, MTW, AWM 20886

  • Range: AWG 18 -6; up to 25 conductors

Shielded Motor Cable Series

SILFLEX® Motor Cable TPE, Shielded, orange

  • Jacket: TPE, oil resistant, orange

  • Insulation: PVC/Nylon, brown, black, blue, green/yellow

  • Shielding: tinned copper braid

  • Voltage: 1000V

  • Certifications: 1000V UL Flexible Motor Supply, 600V TC-ER, MTW, AWM 105C°

  • Range: AWG 16 – 8;  4 conductors

GAALFLEX® Tray 1002 PVC, Shielded, black

  • Jacket: PVC, black

  • Insulation: special PVC, black

  • Shielding: aluminum tape and tinned copper braid

  • Voltage: 600V

  • Certifications: UL TC-ER, MTW, AWM 21179, 1000V Flexible Motor Supply, WTTC

  • Range: AWG 18 – 250 MCM; up to 25 conductors

SILFLEX® Tray-ER TPE, Shielded, black

  • Jacket: TPE, black

  • Insulation: PVC/Nylon, black

  • Shielding: foil tape, tinned copper braid shield

  • Voltage: 600V

  • Certifications: UL TC-ER, MTW, AWM 21270 105°C, 1000V WTTC

  • Range: AWG 18 – 10; up to 25 conductors

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