LEAN Distribution for Electrical Wire & Cable…


At Right Hand Industrial, we bring a leaner buying process to our customers sourcing bulk industrial electrical wire and cable, connectors and cable management solutions. Partnerships with both manufacturers and master distributors coupled with our years of industry experience and expertise allow us to maximize the combined product portfolios, inventory and services nation-wide. Our carefully selected partners demonstrate strong operational and inventory management, allowing us to exclusively deliver by drop shipment, reducing lead-times and eliminating the overhead mark-ups typically seen at the next level of traditional distribution.

“The unique aspects of electrical wire and cable call for a unique approach to how it’s procured”

Let Right Hand Industrial help bring more value into your company’s bulk wire and cable purchases.

VFD Cable – for Variable Frequency Drive applications

VFD Cable serves as a critical connection point between VFD and electric motor due to the advancements in Variable Frequency Drive technology

Configurations include:

  • 3C + GND and 3C + 3GND (3-symmetrical grounds)
  • one or two control pairs for signal transmission
  • XLPE insulations: RHW-2 and XHHW-2
  • Braid and/or foil shields
  • 18 AWG to 500 MCM

Let Right Hand Industrial help find the right VFD cable for your project and budget.

Tray Cable – UL Type TC and TC-ER for cable tray installations

There are so many types of tray cable available today, it’s tough to know which cable provides the most value. It starts with the manufacturing process and we have partnered with the top manufacturers in regards to quality of industrial tray cable. As us about VNTC, TC, TC-ER, PLTC, PLTC-ER, ITC, ITC-ER

Let Right Hand Industrial help bring more value into your company’s bulk wire and cable purchases.

Servo Motor Cable – for static and continuous flexing applications

Robust motor cables designed to carry power and signals from controller to servo motor for purposes of positioning and process control. Applications such as cable carries, c-track, gantry systems, multi-axis robots, handling equipment, etc. 

Industrial Ethernet Cable and Connectors – for Cat 5E, 6, 6A and 7 speeds

The speed in which your machine can communicate with the control system is important and Ethernet is becoming the preferred choice. Ethernet cable for the industrial environment requires a different animal. High levels of electrical noise and even abrasions all come into play in a factory or machine setting. Typical ethernet cable would not suffice and Right Hand Industrial has the complete portfolio of industrial ethernet cable and connectors for your next project.

UL 508A Components and Panel Solutions

In accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC, NFPA 70), UL 508A is the standard for industrial control panels intended for general industrial use operating at 1000 volts or less. Right Hand Industrial can help select components such as power supplies, relays, circuit and load monitoring devices, circuit breakers as well as drop-in back panel wiring systems for electrical panels (LUTZE Airstream® and LSC®).