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Right Hand Industrial is a distributor/broker of wire, cable and cable management solutions for industrial applications, utilizing both re-distribution and direct manufacturers to bring our clients, the system integrator, electrical contractor, OEM and end users, a comprehensive portfolio of UL and NFPA 79 compliant products. 


Manufacturer of electrical wire & cable, cable management, connectivity and control solutions for industrial automation for over 60 years. Brands include SILFLEX®, DRIVEFLEX® lines of flexible cables, as well as SUPERFLEX® and Motionflex® lines of continuous flexing cables.

OMNI Cable

Re-distributor of wire, cable and services exclusively serving the electrical distribution channel with (14) warehouses across North America. Offering best in the industry services, ranging from cut to length and re-spooling, striping, dyeing, lashing, twisting and paralleling.


ELETTROTEK KABEL produces a vast portfolio of European and American (UL) wire & cable for SPECIAL applications in several different sectors, including industrial automation. Brands include GAALFLEX® and Flexidrum® lines of flexible and high flexing cables. 

TPC Wire & Cable

Leading industrial manufacturer of rugged, high-performance wire, cable, connectors, assemblies and accessories for industrial environments. Products specifically designed for flexing, impact, abrasion, chemicals and extreme temperatures. 

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